Give Something Back! 

My name is Rio Winslow-Trevathan, the founder of  

I am 13 years old and I have been playing Magic since I was 8. The game

-- and the community of people who play it -- has given me so much, that I decided to do my best to 

Give Something Back, and to inspire other people to do so as well.  Welcome to our site!


First and foremost, the game has given me a wonderful, enjoyable pastime.  I love the game, and I want to help spread it to other kids who might not get to learn to play it otherwise. 

Beyond that, Magic has provided me with life skills and lessons that I know will shape my life into adulthood, and I really would like other kids to experience that.  I have had to learn how to manage my competitive nature in a very competitive setting.  And how to take care of myself and manage my energy over the course of long, grueling tournament days.  I have made friends with many different people from different parts of the world, with different ways of thinking.  And I have had to start learning how to think like an entrepreneur, managing my own card collection and evaluating which events are worth paying for.  

 My dad helped me start this nonprofit so that we could provide these kinds of learning experiences to kids in under-resourced schools and communities: to give them  access to the opportunities the game has given me.  Along with the pure fun and joy of engaging each other in the game, this gives the kids experiential training in Math Skills, Strategic Thinking, Sportsmanship, Communication and Community Building.

As we started working with this Mission in mind, though, we realized that to accomplish this, our real mission is to inspire other young Magic players, like me, to Give Something Back!   So, join us! There are many ways to be part of our team.

We are much more than a nonprofit, we are a growing community. 

Take Action

Ready to take part? There are lots of ways you can help. You can:

Donate $ 

Donate cards, mats, sleeves, dice, etc.

Allow us to sell your collection for you

Join us in the teaching programs

Start your own teaching program with our help

Play at tournaments as part of our MTGaccess team

Buy our shirts and help us publicize

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